Cozy Pool and Spa Care delivering Green Pool Cleaning Services on the Gold Coast & Brisbane

Do you have a pool that is green in colour and not very appealing. Call Cozy Pool and Spa Care, the leading providers of pool cleaning services – Call our green pool specialists on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Don’t waste your money on countless trips to your local pool shop in trying to balance your green pool. In most cases this can become a very costly exercise when you do it yourself. However, with Cozy Pool and Spa Care you can rest assured we will have your pool looking crystal clear in no time.

We offer a specialist service for pools that have been neglected for a length of time, resulting in what is termed, a ‘green pool’. We will take the opportunity during this service to ensure that your pool’s health is brought up to Australian Standards. These pools are very unhygienic and full of harmful bacteria, which make the water unsuitable for swimming and generally need intensive care.

In general, this type of pool service can involve anywhere between two to three visits from our service technician dependent upon the seriousness of neglect.

As the leading supplier of pool services we specialise in green pool solutions on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, Cozy Pool and Spa Care have qualified pool maintenance personnel who will conduct a full evaluation on the condition of your pool’s water and consult with you – the owner on the necessary action required. Estimates of costing will be provided on our initial visit and consult.

Call us today to see how we can assist you. We guarantee to have your pool crystal clean and back in good health.