Spa Cleaning, spa ready for use

Spa Cleaning

Much like a swimming pool a spa requires a regular spa cleaning and maintenance program to keep water quality at a premium and reduce the effects of wear and use on equipment.


  • We are a local company operated by locals
  • We understand the need for regular spa cleaning and maintenance programs
  • We offer a large range of options from casual spa to regular spa cleaning and maintenance
  • We carry a huge range of pumps, filters and ancillary equipment
  • Our staff are experienced, dedicated and driven professionals


Spring is the perfect time to get your spa clean and ready for the hot summer season. If you have neglected your spa during the cold winter months the water quality is probably very poor. It will take quite an investment of time and effort to rejuvenate and bring back into swimming and enjoyment condition.


Let the professionals from Cozy Pool and Spa Care take care of all the hard work. We understand the length of time and commitment taken to bring a pool or spa back. With our comprehensive understanding of acceptable water levels, industry standards and how chemical react, we are the perfect partner to give your spa cleaning program too. We make the process easy and ensure that the correct things are being done when they need to be. This will save you valuable time and money. Our staff are experienced in managing any type of water conditions and we guarantee to have your spa back in optimum health in the shortest period of time.

Contact us today at Cozy Pool and Spa Care to set up your spring spa cleaning program.