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As a pool cleaning and maintenance company we understand that not everyone has the time to maintain their pool. Cozy Pool and Spa Care provide all your pool maintenance Gold Coast and South Brisbane wide.

We specialise in the on-going service and maintenance requirements of your pool or spa. We offer a range of services on both a regular and casual basis catering to each customer’s needs. As part of our full service program, we can be engaged to conduct regular pool checks when you like. This includes weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Our all-inclusive regular and/or casual call-outs include a comprehensive test and analysis of your pools water and health condition. We will prepare a specific and detailed care program, organising a regular time slot for our technicians to visit.

As part of Cozy Pools, the leading concrete pool builders on the Gold Coast, Hinterland, Northern NSW, and Brisbane Cozy Pool and Spa Care guarantee to keep your pool fully operational. We offer a range of services to cater for every customer’s needs ranging from and including casual services, regular services, once-off green pool cleaning, insurance and weather services, holiday services and more. For more details please refer to the various sections on our website or call us.

Enjoy the benefits of your pool or spa year-round without the hassle. Cozy Pool and Spa Care can take care of all your pool service and maintenance needs to ensure that your pool is ready when you are. Regular pool maintenance is the key. Contact the team at Cozy Pool and Spa Care for all your pool and spa maintenance on the Gold Coast or Brisbane and we will provide you with a free quote on your pool and spa needs.

Your Choice: Salt vs Chlorine

When you acquire or purchase a pool there are two choices, salt or chlorine. The choice of which one is the best is a personal one, and dependent upon your needs and wants. There are advantages and disadvantages to either pool system as outlined below. However, they both have one thing in common, and that is they require on-going routine maintenance.

Saltwater Pools use dissolved salt instead of chlorine to sanitise and cleanse the pool water. A salt-chlorine generator uses electrolysis to dissolve the salt in the water as it passes through the system taking away the sodium, which leaves behind the chlorine. The chlorine that is left after removal of the sodium is used to sanitise the pool’s water, killing harmful bacteria. The pool owner still needs to maintain salt-to-water ratios and pH levels on a regular basis for maximum benefit and sanitisation. The advantages of a saltwater pool include, less time spent on services, thus reducing the overall time and costs associated with pool maintenance. The biggest disadvantage is the initial costs of setting up the saltwater system. This can be an expensive exercise at start-up. However, the saltwater pool’s cost effectiveness becomes evident as time goes on. Once correct salt-to-water ratios have been achieved, it is much easier to maintain this level reducing the amount of salt that needs to be added to the pool water.

Chlorine Pools on the other hand, are the most common system installed in pools built today and synonymous with the word pool. The chlorine is used to kill bacteria that would otherwise be hazardous to humans. The system is reasonably easy to maintain and with proper instruction, most pool owners are quite happy to take over the maintenance of their pool. Specific chlorine and pH levels need to be maintained and checked on a regular basis to ensure that chlorine levels are neither too high nor low, reducing the effectiveness of the chemicals. The most notable disadvantage to chlorine pools is the distinct aroma of chlorine, the way it dries out skin and hair and can sometimes leaving an itching feeling.

In conclusion, either system will provide you with a safe and healthy pool environment to enjoy year-round. With this being said, the need for regular services and maintenance is imperative to ensure that the saltwater or chlorine-water ratios are kept at the right levels. Cozy Pool and Spa Care can delivery this care for your pool on a regular or casual basis ensuring that your pool is operational and ready when you are. Call us today for an obligation free quote.

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