Shazam! Bring back the sparkle

wimming pool sanitation is crucial to maintaining the health of your swimming pool water and, more importantly, the health of those using it. To keep your swimming pool free of hazardous bacteria, contact the expert Southport pool cleaners from Cozy Pool and Spa Care.


Do you have a saltwater pool but don’t have the time or energy to manage its maintenance? Cozy Pool and Spa Care are your leading Southport pool cleaners with the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your saltwater pool is in tip top condition during the hot summer months. We will also continue to conduct regular pool cleaning and care throughout the year. This ensures that your spa or pool is ready for use when you are.


Chlorine pools are the most popular style of pool and need regular cleaning and care. This entails conducting water quality tests, adding chlorine and other chemicals as needed to keep your water crystal clear and in optimum condition for enjoyment all year-round.

Changing water systems. Read our article “To convert or not to convert?”


We have the know how to transform any current pool condition to crystal clear waters suitable for swimming in. If your pool is looking green and neglected, despite your best intentions, let the trained pool technicians from Cozy Pool and Spa Care turn it from green to clean! You will be able to enjoy a relaxing lifestyle around the pool before summer really sets in.

See this video on how complex it can be to get a green pool back into optimum and safe swimming condition.

You can try this yourself, however if you are not 100% confident in what you are doing, you may be throwing money down the drain. Cozy Pool and Spa Care’s Southport pool cleaners are experienced in all areas of pool care and maintenance. We can get you out of the green and back in the blue. Call us today