Cozy Pool Care fixes green pool problems pronto!

Sometimes pool owners can get stuck with a green pool through no fault of their own.

Bad tenants, lack of maintenance while you’re away, or not understanding how to properly balance your pool chemicals can all lead to the problem.

Everyone remembers the high-profile blunder leading to a green pool at the Olympics

Just recently, a Bundaberg couple were out-of-pocket after tenants left their pool in an atrocious state
Badly Treated Green Pool

Cozy Pool Care have had their own challenges in helping clients deal with green pools. Recently, they saved a Southport pool from turning into a swamp despite two years of neglect.

Cozy pool care technician, Simon said sometimes a pool can be rescued with a top up, a good clean and a rebalance of chemicals.

“However, sometimes we need to drain the pool, pressure wash it, change the sand in the filter, refill it and add new chemicals,” he said.

“In this case, it was a two day process, and can be an expensive undertaking.”

But owners can prevent their pools getting into this state with regular maintenance and advice from the professionals.

“These pools are very unhygienic and full of harmful bacteria which make the water unsuitable for swimming and generally need intensive care,” Simon said.

“We offer a specialist service for pools which have been neglected, resulting in a ‘green pool’. This ensures your pools health is brought up to Australian Standards.”

As the leading supplier of pool services – Gold Coast Cozy Pool and Spa Care have qualified pool maintenance personnel who conduct a full evaluation on the condition of your pool water and consult on the action required.

Estimates of cost are provided on our initial visit and consultation. Call today on the number above to see how we can assist you.

“We guarantee to have your pool crystal clean and back in good health in no time,” Simon said.

View our green pool services page here: Cozy Pool Green Pool Cleaning