Pool Equipment Maintenance

Regular Pool Equipment Maintenance for Salt and Chlorine Pools

Just like your pool shell and water quality requires regular maintenance to keep it in optimum and pristine condition, so does the mechanical equipment that keeps everything running. A regular pool equipment maintenance program will have many long term benefits which include:

  • Highlight and resolve potential issues with your equipment before they become costly repairs
  • Improve performance and longevity
  • Lower operational costs through regular maintenance
  • Ensure your pool system operates effectively in the dispersion of chemicals for maintenance of water quality


Cozy Pool and Spa Care specialise in the development and implementation of low cost, effective pool equipment maintenance schedules for proper pump and ancillary component care. Our professional and experienced pool technicians will include a review of your pool equipment in our regular pool maintenance programs allowing you to maximise your pools usage at any time with confidence in knowing water quality and pool equipment are at safe levels and functioning as they should be.

We understand that with today’s busy lifestyles it is difficult to keep abreast of every detail. Hence we offer our pool equipment maintenance service on a regular basis as part one of our full service programs or on a casual basis for peace of mind.  If you feel that your equipment may not be operating correctly and before you go through the costly exercise of replacement, contact Cozy Pool and Spa Care and have one of our experienced technicians take a look and provide you with a full report on the condition of your equipment.


Alternatively as mentioned you can maximise our services through the adoption of a regular custom designed pool maintenance program which will incorporate:

  • Cleaning, vacuuming
  • Chemical balance and dispersion
  • Water quality check
  • Pool Equipment maintenance

Cozy Pool and Spa Care provide our services to owners across the Gold Coast to Southern Brisbane and Northern NSW for Salt Water and Chlorine pools or any size. Call us today to find out we can save your money!