Hotels & Resorts

Cost effective Maintenance for Hotels & Resorts

Swimming pools and spas are the biggest draw card, next to location and amenities which attract customers to specific hotels & resorts. Unless you have an extensive team of professional personnel with the expertise to adequately maintain your swimming pool and spas water condition at optimum and premium levels you may finding yourself spending money on unnecessary repairs which could have been avoided.


Cozy Pool and Spa Care is a specialist pool care provider for domestic, private residential and local hotels & resorts across the greater Gold Coast region.

Our skilled and experienced pool technicians can arrange a meeting with your management team to discuss an appropriate pool and spa maintenance program which will reduce running costs, prolong equipment life and deliver crystal clear waters throughout the year.

Essential for you pool, a proper maintenance program implemented with regularity by experienced and trained professionals will ensure efficient and economical operation.


During the quieter winter months our experts pool technicians from cozy Pool and Spa Care will ensure that water quality remains constant and at peak levels. We will also conduct a more comprehensive check of your overall pools health and equipment condition, highlighting areas of concern and allowing you as a hotel manager or owner to allocate time and funds necessary to conduct repairs if required before the busy summer months arrive.


The pool and spa maintenance programs we design for local hotels & resorts are tailored specifically to the individual needs of the resort or hotel. Dependent upon the size of the pool, volume of use, size and volume, indoor or outdoor. All these conditions are taken into considerations when our pool technicians discuss your pool and spa maintenance needs, ensuring that we provide the best possible service to you at all times.

To discuss our professional pool maintenance and cleaning programs contact your local friendly experts at cozy pool and Spa care.