Pool Cleaning Southport

Manual or Automatic? Which is the best?

When it comes to pool cleaners, you are either a fan of manual or automatic. But which is best? This comes down to the individual. Following is a brief explanation with the pros and cons for each.


Vacuuming your pool manually is laborious and time consuming. You need to have conviction and devotion to spend the time necessary to ensure that your pool is correctly and regularly cleaned. It can be a relaxing time where you can get away from everything and chill.

If however, you don’t have the time or energy to clean your pool, don’t be ashamed. There are options out there. These being automatic pool cleaners. An even better alternative is hiring a professional pool cleaner to undertake the task of your pool’s entire cleaning and care program.


The advantages to hiring a professional pool cleaner are; not only do you get your pool cleaned with regularity, but all the other needs associated with pool upkeep are taken care of at the same time. This includes chlorine or salt maintenance, pH checks, water testing, equipment maintenance and repairs — all at the one low cost. The benefits are clearly many, making it a very attractive prospect to many pool owners across the coast.


The other option is to buy an automatic pool cleaner. Yes, they work great. However, they are costly to buy and you have just added another piece of equipment (which can break down) to your list of duties. Was that really the aim? Now you still need to manage the chlorine or salt levels, conduct water tests, pH testing and equipment repairs, plus you have one additional piece of equipment to manage

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