ongoing pool costs

Ongoing Costs Of A Pool

What To Consider Before Investing In A Pool

When it comes to a swimming pool, you can really only go one of two ways; you consider them a sound investment or you consider them a money funnel. A swimming pool can be a worthy investment, particularly if you are thinking about selling your home in the future but it is also important to fully understand the costs that come with a pool and assess whether a pool is financially right for you. In this article, we will discuss details of these costs and tips on how to keep them down.


The three most common types of pool are fibreglass, concrete and vinyl liner. A fibreglass pool can set you back anywhere between $25000 to $50000 with an in-ground vinyl liner pool costing about the same. An above ground vinyl liner pool is by far the cheapest of the bunch, costing approximately $10000 although they require greater ongoing maintenance and care. A concrete pool is the most expensive option because of its versatility. There are however factors that should be taken into consideration when budgeting for a pool installation, such as ease of access, the slope of your yard and ground conditions, the size, shape and quality of the pool and any additional features (fencing, slides, diving boards, etc.).

Maintenance Equipment

Below is a list of essential equipment you will need to keep your pool clean and hygienic and price ranges you can expect:

  • Skimmer net – $7 to $53
  • Chlorine – $10 to $330
  • Hydrochloric Acid – $22 – $140
  • PH Increaser – $5 – $65
  • PH Testing Kit – $9 – $2000
  • Vacuum – $185 – $3300
  • Filters – $8 – $1200
  • Pool Cover – $8 to $355

Accessories & Features

The two most popular pool features are diving boards and slides, but for a high quality, reliable product you can expect to be paying quite a bit. Diving boards range from $1000 to $4000 and a pool slide is a sting at $1500 to $10000 depending on size, aesthetic and customisation.

Pool Repairs

The key to ensuring that the intricate inner workings of your pool’s systems don’t fail is thorough, regular maintenance, but sometimes things just go wrong. Unfortunately, pool system repairs often require a professional and can end up emptying your wallet.

PUMP MOTOR: When your pump motor fails, the water won’t circulate, heat or filter, so you should make sure you check it regularly. The cost to repair a pump motor depends on what part has failed but you could be forking out up to $4000 to replace it if the damage can’t be fixed.

POOL FILTER: If you properly maintain your pool filters, you won’t have to worry about replacing cartridges and should only need to clean the once every three to five weeks. A pool filter can cost up to $1245 to replace.

LEAKS: A leak in a vinyl lined pool can be patched up DIY style or professionally and a fibreglass pool should be fixed by a professional. A leak in a concrete pool is an expensive issue, you’ll need to call out a professional to drain, sand and repair the pool properly.

HEATERS: Debris blockages and insects are often the cause of damage to the small parts of your pool’s heating system. It is highly recommended that you hire a professional and do not attempt to fix it yourself as a heating system can cost up to $10000 to replace.

Running Costs

A swimming pool typically uses 2000kWh – 3000kWh per year depending on the size of the pump, how long the pump is running for and if the pool is heated. This is an average of $800 to $1200 per year added to your electricity bill. The average pool pump costs 22.5 – 45 cents per hour to run, and a salt chlorinator costs 3.6 – 6 cents per hour to run.

Money Saving Tactics

Invest in a pool blanket to stop debris cluttering your pool and to warm the water naturally. An electric robotic pool cleaner is also a good way to go as they operate independently of the pool’s filtration and most will automatically turn off after a three-hour cleaning cycle. You can also switch to an ECO pump, costing a mere $80 a year with a 12-hour run time compared to a 1.5HP regular pump at $1000 a year with an 8-hour run time (saving you up to 60%).


Read through all this and think you’re ready for a pool? Great! Just remember you can always save yourself the time and hassle of maintaining your pool by calling in the experts at Cozy’s Pool & Spa. We can provide regular or casual services and you can have the peace of mind knowing that no hefty repair bills are coming your way because your pool is being maintained by experienced professionals. Call 07 5631 9810 today for an obligation free quote.