Pool Cleaning Maudsland & Riverstone Crossing

Cozy Pool Care proudly cleaning pools in Maudsland & Riverstone Crossing

Cozy Pool and Spa Care has been servicing the pool cleaning needs of Maudsland and more recently Riverstone Crossing on the Gold Coast for the past two years. We have had a high increase of customers thanks to the housing boom in this area. Our customers here reap the benefits of a local pool technician to service their pool care needs at short notice. We better service residents needs because we have a pool cleaner / technician who also lives in the area.

If you’ve been lucky enough to build in the area you will no doubt want to take pride in your home and pool. After-all, not only is a pool an expensive purchase, it is also the focal point to your backyard oasis. Therefore, your pool should always look crystal clear and inviting.

Whether you live in Maudsland, Riverstone Crossing, or even the neighboring suburbs we can provide you with a pool cleaning plan to suit your specific needs. Your needs may include a simple water test to ensure the pool is safe for your kids to swim in. May you are after a more comprehensive overall service? Whatever your needs can choose from a simple one off water test, regular service, equipment maintenance, or  supply of chemicals.

Most of our customers in this area tend to go for the full service package.

Our full pool service package includes:

  • Testing of the water and
  • Balancing of chemicals
  • Backwashing and cleaning of filtration system
  • Skimming of leaves
  • Vacuuming of the pool

Ask your Maudsland or Riverstone Crossing neighbours who utilize our services, and we guarantee their response will be positive!

What are you waiting for? Let us take care of your Maudsland or Riverstone Crossing pool cleaning needs. Reach our to our team here at Cozy Pool and Spa Care and we guarantee complete satisfaction with your pool crystal clear look once we have finished cleaning and balancing the water.