POOL COVERS AND BLANKETS – Gold Coast & South Brisbane

Your swimming pool is the focal point to your entertainment area, therefore it deserves to look good and feel good every day, without any thought to the costs that are associated with being a pool owner. If you are sick of cleaning leaves off the top off your pool and spending countless dollars on maintaining the heat of your pool, then contact Cozy Pool and Spa Care to provide you with pool cover solutions.

If your purpose is to keep the leaves at bay, look no further. We have a huge variety of pool covers and pool blanket solutions for every pool. You will also have the option of choosing an automatic or manual roller to keep the blanket packed away neatly when not in use.

A pool cover or pool blanket is without any doubt the simplest and most efficient way to reduce the cost of running a pool. Not only will it reduce the running costs of your pool heater by 70%, but it will reduce the evaporation of water and chemicals by up to 97%. This means less water and less chemical top ups.

Our covers and blankets will be sure to exceed your expectations.