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What is Pool Maintenance?

There is no point in having a beautiful pool in the backyard if it is unusable due to lack of regular care and maintenance. All pools need regular care and cleaning to remove debris and rubbish that naturally finds its way into the waters. This includes leaves, dirt and often unwanted bugs that have gone swimming by accident and are now floating around.

The regularity of maintenance will depend upon a number of things

Your location – This includes your proximity to nature, including large trees which overshadow your pool. The end result is that leaves will inevitably find their way into your pool and if left unattended will drift to the bottom to decompose and turn into sludge or clog up your filters and pumps.

Size – The larger your pool the more time will need to spent in maintaining waters and surrounds to ensure they remain in optimum health and condition.

Budget – Bearing in mind that pool maintenance needs to be carried out regularly everyone needs to consider their budget.

Engaging a professional pool cleaner can be a very cost effective method of maintaining your pool, particularly if you a busy person. Or perhaps you simply prefer to leave the cleaning to the professionals to ensure that your pool and its equipment is kept peak condition ready for use any time year-round.

Mechanical cleaners only do much and you cannot rely upon them solely to ensure that your pool water remains within allowable standards. Chemicals and water quality need to be tested regularly to ensure that sanitisation and bacteria levels are kept within healthy realms.

For all your pool maintenance needs call Cozy Pool and Spa Care.