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Like all machinery your pool pumps and equipment require regular maintenance and upkeep to keep them in tip top operational order. Having a pool installed in a great lifestyle choice that will provide you, family and friends years of enjoyment particularly during the hot summer months. Cozy Pool Servicing Gold Coast can manage all your pool servicing needs now and into the future for hassle free pool ownership.

The machinery which is associated with keeping your pool in pristine condition are vital components. Without these essentials you pools water will rapidly turn green and algae and other harmful bacteria will multiple. This can be caused by broken or faulty equipment which if maintained on a regular basis as part of a routine pool servicing Gold Coast maintenance program can be identified and fixed in the early stages.

As your Gold Coast local suppliers of pool and spa maintenance, Cozy Pool and Spa Care are trained in all aspects of not only maintaining you water quality but carry out general maintenance and upkeep on all the ancillary equipment.  Contact us today if you pools water is showing signs of deterioration and we will come out to complete a comprehensive check of your pools water and the associated equipment. We will discuss any issues with you and provide professional recommendations on the best course of action.

In the event that you equipment is beyond repair we stock a range of quality pumps for all sizes applications. Our qualified pool technicians will supply and install your new equipment, ensure its function bring your water back to optimum condition.

For all your pool Servicing Gold Coast, pump and equipment repair, maintenance or replacement needs contact Cozy Pool and Spa Care.