Pool Servicing Solutions

Your Pool Servicing Solutions

Your swimming pool or spa is not just another addition to your house, it is a pivotal entertainment space designed for relaxation and enjoyment. Owning a pool or spa is a lifestyle choice, however with this choice come the inherent maintenance requirements.

The key to longevity of equipment, its associated componentry and maintaining optimum water condition is through the implementation of regular pool and hot tub or spa maintenance.  At Cozy Pool and Spa Care Gold Coast we specialise in sanitation and filtration of commercial and domestic pool and spa systems and we are here to find economical pool servicing solutions to keep your water in immaculate condition. Engaged to work on all scales we are often called upon to provide advice and recommendations on supply of initial or replacement equipment, repairs and the sanitation needs of commercial and domestic pool owners.

Located on the Gold Coast we work with numerous local residents, hotels and resorts devising innovative pool servicing solutions to keep their main attractions in optimum working condition for year round enjoyment. We offer the benefit of our years of skill and expertise throughout the Gold Coast and work in close collaboration with Cozy Pools to deliver the required needs of customers.

Our business is to find ways in which to allow owners of commercial of domestic pools to enjoy their beautiful swimming pools without the burden of maintenance. Offering many options for service and pool servicing solutions we are sure to devise a program which will suit your needs and your budget without compromising on quality or health.

Call us today at Cozy Pool and Spa Maintenance and allow one of our experienced staff to explain further how we can benefit you.