Real Estate Pool Cleaning

Professional, reliable Real Estate Pool Cleaning

Cozy Pool & Spa Care has been established to provide assistance to busy people and business owner in the regular care of their pool or spa to ensure the water remain:

  • Crystal clear
  • Pool remains bacteria free
  • Water quality is safe for year round fun
  • Equipment is in good operational quality

Our Real Estate Pool clearing programs have been specifically developed for the assistance of Real estate agents and investment home owners. As an investor you understand the need to maintain your assets at optimum levels for maximum return value.  Your swimming pool or spa is no different.

If you are currently tenanting a house which has a pool or spa attached the easier and most cost effective way of assuring that your property remains in prime conditions is through engaging the professional pool clearing services of a local company.


Cozy Pool & Spa Care have developed specific programs to cater to Real Estate Pool cleaning. Individualistic programs are designed in collaboration with the home owner and real estate with a win/win situation.

The tenants gain the benefit of a pool for year round use without the unnecessary headache of maintaining the pool. Investors and real-estate property managers have the benefit of our professional services conducting all the regular maintenance requirements of your pool or spa to ensure that the:

  • Waters remain pristine
  • Equipment is maintained with regularity eliminating costing repairs due to lack of attention
  • Potential issues are highlighted early on

The consequences of leaving your pool in the hands of tenants is that you run the risk of have expensive damage occur which can easily be avoided thought the implementation of our cost effective real estate pool cleaning services.

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