Spa Maintenance - Keeping your Spa Healthy

Spa Maintenance – Cozy Pool and Spa Care

Spa Maintenance – Keeping your Spa Healthy

Having a spa is definitely an asset to your home and will provide you unlimited enjoyment year round. The health benefits from a spa include the relaxation properties it has in easing away the stresses of life, particularly with its ability to have water heated and maintained at your desired temperature.

Your spa maintenance needs are much like that of a pool to ensure that the water remains healthy. With continual use the water in your spa is constantly being contaminated with bacteria and microorganisms if left to multiply uncontrolled can become quite dangerous to human health. To counteract the effect of regular use a regular spa maintenance program is recommended.

Cozy Pool and Spa Care offer a full range of services to all spa owners regardless of whether you have a small 4 seat hot tub right through to the larger swim spas. The spa maintenance schedule does not vary in regularity only the quantities of materials required.

It has been proven that regular spa maintenance has the added advantage of keeping spa upkeep costs to a minimum as you are regularly checking all necessary elements and making small adjustments rather than waiting till water quality is out the window and then correcting.

During a routine spa maintenance service we will check:

  • Water quality and provide treatment as required
  • Check filtration and clean out filters
  • Chlorine and salt checks and adjustments if required
  • Disinfection through the use of rapidly working chemicals to prevent infections and harmful microorganisms from multiplying and potentially causing harm
  • Any other issues as they present themselves and resolving these on the spot or advising you of our intended corrective action

If you are the proud owner of a spa, however you find that you don’t have the time or regularly forget to provide routine spa maintenance allowing your waters to get out of control and then spending hundreds of dollars to rectify the problems then we have the solution.

Call – Cozy Pool and Spa Care to set up a regular spa maintenance program and never worry about your spa again, knowing it will always be safe to enter year round, day or night for that relaxing soak.