Gold Coast Green Pool

Resolving the Gold Coast Green Pool syndrome

Is your pool looking a little GREEN!

Cozy Pool and Spa Care have a team of professional, highly experienced pool technicians with an abundance of tricks up their sleeves to quickly resolve any Gold Coast green pool issues and get your water back to pristine swimming condition.

Many things contribute to the quality of water in your pool, from leaves, dirt and other grotty things which fall and collect in your swimming pool during use and times of non-use. We understand that you may have better things to do that maintain your pool. But whats the point of having a pool out the back if the water is only suitable for the local wildlife.


Employing a professional pool cleaning company is not as expensive as you may think and the benefits are undeniably worth the effort. Cozy Pools will evaluate the condition of your Gold Coast green pool on the first visit and immediately start to rectify and reverse your water condition. Depending on the severity this may take a few visits to fix. We will take a look at all your pools mechanical equipment to ensure it is functioning correctly, advising you of any repairs or replacement which may be required. We can take care of all repairs and replacement on your behalf.

We will conduct a full water analysis, and develop a full step by step care program which includes:

  1. Decreasing pH levels in the pool
  2. Shock your pool with a dose of specially formulated chlorine for sale or chlorine pool
  3. Kill off algae and harmful bacteria which will allow you water to clear up

Once we have your Gold Coast green pool under control, Cozy Pool and Spa Care recommend implementation of a customized pool maintenance program to ensure this green pool syndrome does not occur again.

Call us today for the answers to all your pool care needs!