Tenancy Vacate Pool Clean

Cost effective Tenancy Vacate Pool Clean

When ending a tenancy part of your legal obligation is to ensure that the property you have been renting is left is a clean condition. This includes the swimming pool and/or spa. Cozy Pool & Spa Care offer cost effective tenancy vacate pool clean services for the savvy tenant who either doesn’t have the time or inclination to ensure that the pool and/or spa is left is a reasonable condition, including no slime, pristine water, operational equipment and more.

It is the responsibility of the tenant to maintain the swimming pool and/or spa and its accessories in good condition which includes cleaning and maintenance. To avoid any issues with the landlord or real estate contact Cozy Pool & Spa Care for our specialist help in tenancy vacate pool clean before moving out.

We can organise to have one our expert pool technicians take care of everything guaranteeing you compliance with all your legal obligations in regard to your pool and/or spa.  A comprehensive pool and/or spa check which includes:

  • Full equipment check
  • Water Quality
  • Chemical balance
  • Full pool vacuum and clean
  • Safety check on the pools fences and gates

Leaving the pool and/or spa in ship shape condition and ensuring that everything is above code and ready for the next tenant.  By investing is an all-inclusive tenancy vacate pool clean using th    e skill and knowledge of our reliable technicians you are no compromising your bond or risking having to come back time and again to get things right. This leaves you free to concentrate on other areas of your move and relieving the stress and anxiety levels.

For an obligation free quote on our professional services contact Cozy Pool & Spa Care today!