To convert or not to convert?


Are you considering converting your current chlorine pool to a saltwater pool? or perhaps the other way around? Before taking action, here are some things you should know:  

Firstly – what is the reason for your pool conversion? Why are you changing your current chlorinated pool to a saltwater pool system? The abundance of information on the internet can be overwhelming, leaving you more confused than before you started your research. The expert staff at Cozy Pool and Spa Care can be relied upon to provide you with current concise information so you can make an informed decision based on facts.

Is salt water better than chlorinated? – read this article called “The Great Debate: Salt Water vs. Chlorine” It touches on the pros and cons of pool systems.


Are the financial benefits worth it? Many people are under the impression that saltwater swimming pools are more cost effective to run than chlorinated pools. However, the biggest factor which contributes to a more cost effective swimming pool is regular maintenance and care. This helps to increase the life of componentry and equipment, which ultimately saves you money.

What are the health benefits of salt water over chlorinated water? With health becoming a greater focus in our lives, it is little wonder that swimming pools are in the spotlight. Most people, upon hearing the words “saltwater swimming pool”, conjure up images of the ocean and the ocean’s water. In fact, saltwater pools, have very little in common with the ocean. As with chlorinated swimming pools, saltwater pools require regular sanitation to keep harmful bacteria in check.  

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Swimmers who have suffered side effects from chlorinated pools, with the most common being dry skin and irritated eyes, claim that the benefits from converting to a saltwater pool have been significant and worth the effort. However, this cannot be said to be true for every case.


When undertaking a pool conversion to turn your swimming pool from chlorine to salt, you remove the need to add chlorine separately for sanitation. The salt or sodium chloride which is added to the swimming pool, effectively giving it its name, dissolves in the water to produce chlorine. This also acts as the sanitising agent.

One of the key benefits of saltwater pools over chlorinated pools is that chlorine produced from salt, as opposed to standard chlorine, does not bleach and is kinder to the eyes and skin.

If you are considering a pool conversion, changing your pools water system from chlorine to saltwater or vice versa, the expert pool cleaners from Cozy Pool and Spa Care can make it happen. Call us to arrange for one of our experienced pool maintenance technicians to assess your pool. They will discuss what is involved in the change out process — what componentry and equipment needs to be replaced and the steps involved. They can also provide you with the pros and cons of each pool water system and provide you with a comprehensive quote.

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